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Preparing Your Home for a Quick, Profitable Sale

Before anyone looks at your home you should prepare it well, so it sells fast for the most money possible. You only have one chance to make a first impression. It’s important that your home is in the best shape possible. Buyers will judge your home before they even come see it; most will see photos of it online, so the way it looks is very important.

Staging is about making it easy for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. They should easily see the benefits of the home and imagine the lifestyle they’ll have when they live there. If you focus on just these tips, your home will look great and attract more interest from buyers.

If your home is full of your personality, buyers can only see you and not themselves. If they can’t imagine themselves in the home, they won’t make an offer. Remove personal items and store them out of sight. Knick-knacks, family photos, too many toys and other items detract from the house itself. Even if you have perfect taste, you should remove anything too unique. Memorabilia and collectible items should be packed away, as should anything political or controversial. Store your certificates and awards, exercise equipment and anything that could be seen as outdated. Removing distractions helps prospective buyers see the real potential of your home.

Get rid of as much clutter as you possibly can. If you depersonalize, you’ll be well on your way, but de-cluttering will take you one step closer to presenting a picture-perfect home. If you store or get rid of items that make your home feel messy or crowded, your home will feel more spacious. If your closets are jam-packed, for example, a buyer will think there isn’t enough closet space. If you donate all the clothes and old shoes you don’t wear and store off-season clothes, your closets will be more appealing.

Clear off flat surfaces. Organize by keeping like things together. Clear cabinet space in the kitchen like you did with closets – get rid of any pots, pans or other items that you don’t use or want. Get rid of anything you don’t need in the pantry and refrigerator. (Don’t assume people won’t look there – they look just about everywhere!) You can donate, throw out or store items you don’t want. You may even want to rent a dumpster (I’ve done it!) which is a good way to get rid of large items and yard debris.

The more order and organization you bring to your home before you sell it, the easier it will be for you to pack up and move. It will also help buyers see the potential your house offers. Remember, you can always keep the memories even if you get rid of the stuff!

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