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Why You Should Never Sell Your Home to A Big Company

There are suddenly a bunch of big companies offering to buy your home and help you avoid “the hassle” of having people come see it. Sure, it may not be fun to keep your home “showing-ready” until you accept an offer. However, if you want to make top dollar when you sell, you shouldn’t sell your home to a company that makes an offer to buy it with a radio ad or postcard.

Who will advocate for you?

As we always say, even experts need experts. Determining the value of your home requires looking at recent comparable home sales, analysing the current competition, and having a good grasp of the economy and the real estate market. Without a knowledgeable advocate on your side, it’s highly likely you’ll settle for a price lower than you could get on the open market. Don’t sell a home without someone standing by your side helping ensure you get the best deal possible.

How do sellers get top dollar?

Maximum exposure to the marketplace is what nets sellers top dollar. A marketing plan that exposes your home to the most people likely to buy it is what brings multiple offers and the highest price. Yes, you’ll have to allow potential buyers in to see your home and fall in love with it. We’ll help you prepare your home for showings and price it right. Then we’ll market your home to potential buyers. This results in a quick sale and less inconvenience.

Sell for one percent for more leeway in your pricing

If you have less equity in your home than you would like or are worried about pricing competitively, know that our “Full Service Without the Fees” one percent commission structure lets you price more competitively than the competition and still walk away with more earnings.

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