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Moving Well – 3 Transitional Tips for Moving Families

Moving is a stressful process both for adults and children. Whether it’s a sudden and unexpected move, or one with months of careful planning, everyone wants the transition to go well. Here are a few tips to help you and your children move well.

Let your children assist in planning the move. That could mean looking at houses with you, searching for a new school, or drawing a picture of how they want to arrange their new room. Allowing them to participate in this way eases feelings they might have of being forced to move, and (hopefully) gives them things to look forward to.

When everyone is packing, designate a special box for each of your children that they will unpack as soon as you get into the new house. Have them pack their favorite things in the box, and make sure you can get to it easily once you arrive at your new home. If you’ve had them draw a picture of how they would arrange their new room, put that at the top of the box to refresh everyone’s memory.

If any of your children are budding storytellers, give them a camera and let them document the move in photos or video. Once you’ve gotten settled in, set some time aside for you and your child to add the photos to the family album or create a mini-documentary video with the photos and video clips. Either one is a great way to share your move with old friends and new.

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