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Should I Remodel My Denver Area Home Or Sell It As-Is?

Sell Your Metro Denver HomeFollowing are tips to help you determine if you should sell your metro Denver home as-is or remodel:

  1. When deciding if you should remodel your metro Denver home before selling it or sell it as -is, you must weigh the cost vs. return on investment for any remodeling job.
  2. Find a good REALTOR® to give you their opinion on the value of your home as-is and what it might be after remodeling.
  3. Have your REALTOR take you to see homes in your area in similar condition to your home and homes that have been remodeled so that you can see how they are priced.
  4. Kitchens and bathrooms have the best return on investment for larger remodeling jobs.
  5. New carpet should be installed if your current carpet can’t be cleaned to look good or if it smells.
  6. Paint is an inexpensive, easy do-it-yourself project which has a great return on investment and makes your home look clean and fresh.
  7. Stick on linoleum tiles are also an easy to install do-it-yourself project to fix an ugly kitchen or bathroom floor.
Contact your metro Denver REALTOR® today for a free list of remodeling professionals, to get an opinion on whether to fix up your home or sell it as-is, and for a free comparative market analysis report with a suggested sales price for your metro Denver home.