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How To Sell A Home In Denver – Staging Tips

Staging a home for sale in Denver is extremely important to sell your metro Denver home quickly for top dollar. The following staging tips will help you learn how to sell a home in Denver quickly. Please contact your Denver REALTOR® for more tips on how to sell a home in Denver. Remember, with staging, you are trying to make your home appear larger and to get buyers to picture themselves living in your home.

  1. Remove all clutter.
  2. Remove almost everything from kitchen counters.
  3. Remove excess furniture.
  4. Arrange furniture to make your rooms appear larger.
  5. Open all blinds and curtains for showings unless the window has a bad view such as directly at a neighbors wall.
  6. Clean, clean, and clean more – Don’t forget to clean the inside of your oven, inside of your refrigerator, your washer and dryer if they are included, inside of your dishwasher, furnace vent grates, shampoo all carpets, clean walls, etc.
  7. Dust all surfaces regularly.
  8. Set your table with your finest china.
  9. Put vases of flowers on your table and kitchen counter.
  10. Make sure your home smells good – spray Febreeze on carpets and furniture, spray Lysol on hard surfaces, use potpourri and air fresheners. Burn candles and incense but not right before or during showings.
  11. Turn on all lights for showings.
  12. In the winter, turn on gas fireplaces for showings.
  13. Override your thermostat for showings, set it to 70 degrees.
  14. Always have your dishwasher empty for showings.
  15. Remove 1/2 of the clothes from all closets.
  16. Remove all photos of people from walls and surfaces.
  17. Limit artwork on walls.
  18. Have a bowl of fruit on table or kitchen counter.
  19. Make all beds including children’s rooms before showings.
  20. Remove all pets for showings if possible.
  21. Remove all excess shampoo, etc. from tubs and showers.
  22. Don’t forget to stage your yard too.
  23. Make sure outside front lawn and entryway are inviting.
  24. Clean up your yard.
  25. Arrange outdoor furniture to make your deck and/or patio look bigger. Remove excess furniture if it’s too crowded.
  26. Trim trees and bushes.
  27. Mow regularly.
  28. If you have dogs, clean up your yard every day.
  29. Help your agent by restocking flyers outside whenever they get low.

These staging tips should help you learn how to sell a home in Denver. Many sellers do not take the time to stage their home. If you will take the time and follow all of these home staging tips, you will get your Denver home sold quickly for top dollar. Contact your Denver REALTOR® to get started on selling your home today. See the comprehensive marketing plan to sell your metro Denver home that is included with all listings with Buy and Sell Denver Homes.