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How to Pay Cash When You Purchase a Home in Metro Denver

We’re still in a period with high demand for homes, low mortgage rates and low inventory. Multiple offers are common. We expect this to continue throughout at least the first quarter. More new construction and more sellers entering the market will help take some pressure off buyers and make for a more balanced market.

With competition so high, how can buyers get the homes they want? Offering to pay a high price isn’t the only way to get the home you want. Sellers evaluate offers based on how likely they are to make it all the way to closing. There are numerous ways to give sellers confidence in your offer.

One big way is to pay cash. Of course, if you’re like most of us, you don’t have the type of cash it takes to purchase a home just lying around waiting for you to spend. (That would be nice!)

But cash is king for sellers. Cash offers are more likely to close than non-cash offers. With cash, there are simply fewer hoops to jump through to make it to closing.

Fortunately, there are ways that almost any buyer can pay cash and present an offer more likely to win.

It’s not a gimmick and it’s not hard to do. You just have to have the right partners.

Contact us and I’ll help you understand how it’s possible to:

  • Quickly qualify for a loan.
  • Then, make a winning cash offer on a home at no additional cost.
  • Close quickly.
  • And own the home you really want in this very competitive market.

It’s pretty simple, really. Text us or give us a call and we’ll give you all the details. Reach The Principal Team at 720-782-2468.

Don’t forget: The Principal Team rebates a portion of our commission to help you pay closing costs when you work with us to buy a home. Click to calculate your savings.