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You Need More than a Neighborhood Expert

Have you noticed how some agents promote themselves as experts in your neighborhood? It may seem like one or two agents do most of the business near you, but that’s most likely not the case – plenty of agents work in every neighborhood with both buyers and sellers.

Selling a home for the most amount of money in a timeframe that works for the seller requires more than living in the neighborhood or having worked there.

You Need a Team of Experts
Members of our team have spent decades living throughout the Denver Metro area and have knowledge of many specific neighborhoods. We also do business in many neighborhoods again and again.

Even so, we think it’s important for home sellers to consider hiring someone who’s more than a “neighborhood expert.” You deserve a team of experts with knowledge of pricing, preparation, marketing and negotiation.

The Power of Teamwork
Each of our team members has a specific role to play to help you sell your home and each contributes unique skills to ensure you receive the attention to detail required. Over the years, our team has been able to implement processes that ensure we’ll sell your home with the least inconvenience to you. We won’t just sell your home quickly – we’ll sell it efficiently.

Your agent is an expert when it comes to pricing and negotiating and can help you avoid problems and take care of details that less-experienced agents often overlook.

A dedicated marketing manager crafts ads and creates promotional materials that drive more demand for your home so it commands a higher price and sells more quickly. Professional photography, staging and copy writing also helps ensure our marketing is successful.

Having people who can take care of the details is key to successfully marketing and selling your home.

Marketing Expertise
We have a full-time marketing expert on our team who is focused on promoting your home to the maximum number of buyers possible. We use various methods, including highly-targeted Internet advertising, to ensure that people who are most likely to buy your home will see it. Our marketing expertise allows us to attract a large number of buyers. Your home may already be sold to someone in our database.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Everything we do is designed to make your transaction efficient, easy to understand and less of a hassle. We use the best systems and technology in every aspect of our business, from scheduling showings of your home and soliciting feedback from people who see it, to signing contracts and, of course, marketing your home and attracting prospective buyers. We never forget that technology is just a tool. What’s really important are people and relationships, which are the core of our business. We strive to provide value far in excess of our clients’ expectations and to put clients first in all things.

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