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What does a listing agent do?

What does a listing agent do?

Very simply, a listing agent helps clients sell properties. We represent our clients’ best interests and help them get the best price in a timely manner. For some clients, timing is more important than pricing, while getting the best price is important for others. A seller who wants to move soon, for instance, may accept a lower price than one who’s willing to wait until the right buyer is found.

We meet with prospective clients and tour the property, ask questions, take notes and make recommendations to help you get your home ready for the market. We use language our clients understand and present clients with a realistic view of how their home will fit into the current marketplace, without exaggeration.

We help clients understand what they must disclose to potential sellers and create disclosure forms. We address special use requirements, such as special zoning requirements. We educate clients about their responsibilities and about what to expect throughout the transaction.

We explain commissions and how cooperating brokers are paid. Once an offer is made, we receive the offer and review it with the seller and explain any special requests. We prepare a seller’s net sheet to show you costs and how much money you’ll make.

We help sellers respond to offers, including creating a counter-offer when needed. We negotiate with buyer’s agents and we present counter-offers – or acceptance – to the buyer’s representative.

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