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Three Surprising Ways That Purchasing A Newly Built Home Saves You Money

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There are a wide range of new construction homes for sale in Colorado. Many prospective buyers assume that a newly constructed home is going to be out of their budget. While the up-front cost of a new home is typically higher than that of an existing home in the resale market, there are frequently overlooked hidden savings that make choosing a newly constructed home very budget friendly.

New homes are move in ready.

From replacing worn carpet to stripping tired wallpaper to repainting off-color walls, even minor cosmetic home repairs add up. If you also need to remove walls to end up with the chef’s kitchen of your dreams, you’ll find that remodeling is expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming. When you purchase a new home, everything is in perfect condition on the day that you move in.

New homes use less energy.

According to research by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), up to 30% of the energy purchase to heat or cool a home with non-energy efficient windows is wasted. An additional 20% of a family’s electrical bill is used to power standard household appliances. By purchasing a new home with insulated windows and new, energy efficient appliances, you can reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 40%.

New homes come with a warranty.

Very little is more disappointing after a significant investment than having to spend more money to replace an appliance that suddenly gives out or pay for damage from a previous repair that was made incorrectly by a previous owner or contractor. When you buy a newly constructed home, you have the comfort of knowing that from the roof vents to the foundation footers, every inch in-between has the protection of a new home warranty. (TIP: Although a warranty is great, ALWAYS get a home inspected by a professional inspector – even new homes. This can help you avoid huge headaches down the road!)

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