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How to Be Sure You’re Satisfied with Your Next Home

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A recent survey showed that as many as 1 in 4 buyers wouldn’t buy the same home if they were to buy again. Another said up to half of buyers wish they had chosen a different home.

There are a few ways you can avoid regret when you buy a home. First, always get a home inspection. That way, you’ll avoid surprises when you move. Second, buy a home that’s the right size for you. Many people wish they had bought a larger home. Third, vet your neighborhood. Look at stats online, visit the neighborhood at various times of day and night. Talk to neighbors. Check your commute – be sure you know about any long-term construction projects.

You may live in your home longer than you think. In 2016, the National Association of REALTORS® reported that people were staying in their homes for an average of 10 years. Be sure you get the right home.

Finally, work with an agent that guarantees a good price. I guarantee that when you hire me to negotiate for you as your buyer’s agent, I will negotiate on your behalf and help you purchase the home you want for at least $5,000 less than the listing price.

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