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Quick Question – Why is The Principal Team’s commission only 1% when you sell a home?

Why is The Principal Team’s commission only 1% when you sell a home?

Since we started selling homes for a one percent commission (plus a commission for the agent who brings a buyer) we’ve been asked this question a surprising number of times. I think people are skeptical and think maybe we aren’t charging enough to stay in business.

We believe that putting clients first is always great for business.

We’re getting more repeat business and more referrals than ever before and we’re helping more people get into the homes they really want.

The real estate industry has changed dramatically since the days when agents drove offers and contracts back and forth, clients couldn’t shop online and home prices were much lower. In those days, it made sense for agents to charge a six or seven percent commission. Technology has allowed agents today to be more efficient.

We make a great living by providing topnotch service and charging lower fees than other agents. With a model based on lower fees, we’re able to help more people sell homes – even people with less equity in their homes – and we’ve grown faster than ever because we get more referrals and repeat clients.0

To find out how you can earn thousands more when you sell your home for one percent, call The Principal Team at 720-408-7409.