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Make Your Home Stand Out to Potential Buyers

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Your house finally feels like home and now it is time to move on to your next adventure. Here are some easy and cost-efficient ways to make your home stand out to potential buyers and get the most out of your investment.

Professional Staging

Your carefully chosen paintings and furniture are beautiful and make it feel like home, but it’s important for potential new buyers to be able to envision their own personal touches in the house. The best way to do this is to have a professional come and stage your house.  This will also make the house seem bigger which will not only land the sale but demand a higher price point. If professional staging is not an option for your lifestyle, make sure to clear out as much of your furniture as possible and keep your house clean and tidy.

Add Ons

Several simple and affordable additions can increase your home value dramatically. Consider adding a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen for your patio or an in-law suite. These little upgrades can make a big difference on the selling price and are quick, affordable and easy.


Making sure the style of your home is fresh and sharp will be sure to catch the eye of buyers. New kitchen appliances with the most modern design are easy to upgrade and adding a home automation system will make your home memorable. Make sure your flooring is up-to-date and modern as well. These simple upgrades can dramatically increase the value of your home.

Final Touches

Before an open house or a showing, make sure to freshen up the house with a final cleaning. Set out some snacks and beverages and make sure everything is in order. Finally, relax. Your realtor will be there to make sure potential buyers have all their questions answered.

For more information contact The Principal Team. We’ll help you get your home ready to sell and can provide a precise estimate of your home’s value.