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Safeproofing the Home for Children and Pets

Preparing a home for a child or pet is thrilling, but is the home truly safe? Maybe all the basics got covered so far, but here are a few factors to consider that perhaps haven’t been brought up before on the topic of child- or pet-proofing a house.

1. Getting locks that are easily picked, or turning the locks around. Everybody’s heard the horror stories of children being locked in bathrooms and extreme lengths having to occur (such as fire department intervention) before the child was freed again. In order to avoid that fiasco, simply make sure that the type of locks and handles on your doors are quickly picked with something simple, such as the ink shaft of a pen. If you want a room that locks from the outside, it is excellent for keeping a child inside during a timeout.

2. Purchase cheap insulation foam to place on sharp surfaces. Foam meant to go around rods can also be cut apart and hot-glued on just as easily. By going through with this cheap DIY, you can save an infant just learning to walk from hitting their head on sharp edges, such as those present on coffee tables or entertainment centers.

3. If you have houseplants, double-check online and make sure they aren’t toxic to any of your pets! A surprising number of inconspicuous plants cause terrible reactions in cats and dogs when ingested. Make sure to place these plants out of reach, or find a new home for them. You can find alternative plants that look just as nice, and can possibly be enjoyed by your pet as well.

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