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Tips To Maintain Your Home’s Energy Efficiency During The Winter Months

Practicing energy efficiency in your home year round not only positively affects the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint, it can also help cut utility costs, giving you a little more breathing room in your budget.  The winter months are an especially important time of year to refocus energy conservation efforts since most families crank up the heat when it is cold and damp outdoors and increase lighting usage due to the shorter days.

  • Up your insulation game. If you have an insufficient amount of insulation it could greatly contribute to overuse of your thermostat. Sealing cracks and other small openings is another good energy-saving method. Try adding weather-stripping or caulk around doors and windows.
  • Schedule some maintenance for your heating system. Replacing or cleaning furnace filters is recommended to keep the airflow at the proper level to save on heating costs. Make sure the seal on your fireplace flue damper is a tight seal and always keep the damper closed when you don’t have a fire roaring in the hearth.
  • Consider switching to a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats make it easier to set the temperature back to adjust your energy use. While at home during the waking hours, lower the temperature to as cool as is comfortable.
  • Take advantage of the sun itself. Opening blinds and curtains during the daylight hours can help naturally heat and light your home, potentially making a generous dent in your energy bill.

Maximizing your energy savings is advantageous for all homeowners. For tips on reducing the energy use of your home this winter and the seasons beyond, contact us today.