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Winter Home Care for Home Sellers in Denver

snow-house-bigstock-house-18374819A well-maintained home is a strong selling point, especially when it’s a winter wonderland outside. When it comes to winter home care in Denver, attend to the monthly maintenance issues as well as the seasonal ones. It’s a good idea to hire a professional heating and cooling company to check the furnace and perform any necessary work. In some cases, you can check items off your winter home care checklist without spending a lot of money on handyman or outside help. If you neglected some of the monthly maintenance tasks, make sure you change the air filters, clean out the kitchen sink disposal, clean the range hood filters, inspect the fire extinguishers and check the refrigerator lights and filters.

Testing the smoke detectors

In the winter, test the carbon dioxide and smoke detectors by pushing the “test” button. With most monitors, you should hear an alarm sound. Otherwise, replace the batteries. Another safety issue is to test the garage door auto-reverse feature that prevents child deaths.

Checking the unused spaces

If you are in the midst of selling your Denver home, you likely have rooms that are currently unoccupied or not in use. People selling due to children moving out or attending college often have guest rooms or bathrooms with cobwebs. Check the guest bathrooms to make sure they are free of pests. Run the water and flush toilets in areas that few people use on a regular basis.

Removing icicles and snow

During the winter, check for icicles that often cause damage to your home and pose a danger to people. Keep paths to the house free of snow as the temperature drops, especially when showing your home.

You can avoid winter-related problems with some preventative care. Remove debris from your home’s gutters, remove snow from the roof or hire someone to do it and keep an eye on tree limbs prone to breaking under the weight of snow. Most homeowners wait until winter to clean their fireplaces. Hiring a professional chimney sweep is the safest option. Experts suggests preventing frozen pipes by insulating pipes, leaving the faucets to drip slightly and setting the heat no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.