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Bungalo In HdrFor those looking to move into a great close-in Denver suburb, Berkeley (and nearby Regis) is definitely an area you will want to consider. Along with great Berkeley homes for sale, there are a number of amenities and attractions residents can enjoy. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider this neighborhood for your next home.

Outdoor Activities

Some of the best things about Berkeley revolve around the outdoor activities that are available in this neighborhood. There are several beautiful parks and lakes nearby that offer quite a bit of space and fresh air for residents. There is also a golf course near this neighborhood, which is another great place to spend the day outdoors.


The restaurants located in Berkeley are also some of the most popular in the city. Whether you are looking to enjoy a nice dinner with your significant other or a fantastic lunch with co-workers, you will find many great options out there. Many restaurants also cater to the breakfast crowd.


Finally, one of the most charming things about living in Berkeley is that you have the privilege of being part of a community that offers a small town feel. This makes the environment friendly and comfortable. Neighbors are extremely friendly and will help keep a watch on your property when needed. But, you have the benefit of living close enough to the big city where you can experience a fast-paced life as well.

Choosing a luxury home in Berkeley is a great decision. Between the excellent atmosphere and the beautiful homes, you won’t go wrong by choosing this neighborhood. To learn more about how you can find the home of your dreams in Berkeley, contact us today.