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Stapleton, Denver – A Fantastic Urban Neighborhood and Model for Redevelopment

Located on the site of Denver’s old Stapleton Airport, construction started at Stapleton in 2001. Building continues today.

The Neighborhood and the Homes at Stapleton

Construction began at the old Stapleton airport in 2001 and the first residents moved into the neighborhood in 2003. Today, there are 10 neighborhoods that make up what we call “Stapleton”. There are a wide variety of home styles in Stapleton – many homes look like homes you find in established Denver neighborhoods like Congress Park or Capitol Hill. Some homes look like Colonials and Cape Cods you find on the East Coast while others are modern and cutting-edge. 10 home builders created the homes here and there are 21 unique collections of homes. Stapleton homes are also energy efficient – Stapleton is the largest Energy Star community in the state. 

Affordable Homes in Stapleton

With such a variety of homes, there’s also a wide range of home prices when you look at homes for sale in Stapleton. There are many homes that are “income-qualified affordable homes” in Stapleton. These are great for people who may be on a fixed income or for people who may work in important fields like at nonprofit organizations or in customer service. These affordable homes are for individuals or families whose gross (before-tax) annual income is at or below certain levels. If you buy an income-qualified home at Stapleton, you agree that your home will appreciate at no more than 3.5% annually, which helps maintain the home’s affordability for the next family who lives there. This lasts for 15 years. If you sell the home after 15 years, you can sell it at market price.

Demographics of Stapleton Residents

35 to 44 year-olds are the biggest segment of Stapleton’s population. 44% of renters in the neighborhood are under 35, so there are many young folks in the area. Many people who own homes in Stapleton – about 14% – first lived in the neighborhood as renters and then purchased a home.

Outdoor Lifestyle

There are 1100 acres of planned parks and open space in Stapleton. Central Park, in Stapleton, is Denver’s third largest park at 80 acres. There are also 46 miles of biking and walking trails that connect to Denver’s huge network of trails. Stapleton has SIX Denver pools and many outdoor spaces for events, sports and get-togethers. There’s also a 50,000-square foot rec center and 2 community gardens. The neighborhood features a dog park, a skateboard park and a fantastic sledding hill that people love during winter.


By car, it’s an easy commute to downtown or the airport. When the new commuter rail station opens in Stapleton in April 2016, it will take just 14 minutes to get to downtown’s Union Station and 23 minutes to get to Denver International Airport. Best of all, trains will run every 15 minutes during many parts of the day.


There are 14 schools in the neighborhood. Northfield High School just opened this school year with its first freshman class. The Denver School of Science and Technology is a charter high school in Stapleton. There are also some excellent middle schools and elementary schools. Stapleton has its own Denver public library, too.

Shopping and Dining

Living in Stapleton gives you easy access to lots of shops and restaurants – both locally owned and national chains. There are more than 50 restaurants and more than 100 shops in the area. During the summer, there’s a fabulous farmers market every week and a crafts and collectibles market every month.


Many people who live in Stapleton work in Downtown Denver, but there is also quite a bit of office space within and near the community. In the not-too-distant future, the Centerfield Corporate Campus and the Northfield Business park will be full of businesses. These mixed-use areas are being developed now.