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When to List Your Home for Sale on the Denver Homes MLS

Denver Homes MLSSpring is a popular time to list homes for sale, as most families find it easier to move in the summer when school is not in session. However, the day when to list your home on Denver Homes MLS also matters, according to a new survey. Yahoo! Finance reveals The Best Day to List a Home is…. Friday.

Why day of the week matters

Homes listed for sale on Friday garnered 99.1% of the seller’s original asking price, according to research by U.S. real estate firm Redfin. Glenn Kelman, president and CEO of Redfin, said:

You get four times the traffic on the day of debut than any other time of the week, and you only get one chance. Soon, you’re yesterday’s news.

Listing a home on Friday attracts the attention of buyers, who tend to do most home shopping on the weekends. Listing a home for sale on Friday got sellers the most bang for the buck, compared to any other day of the week.

Let Sunday be a day of rest

If Friday is the best day to list a home, what is the worst day? Homes listed on Sundays fared the worst in terms of home prices, selling for only 98.4% of asking price. Buyers probably won’t look at homes listed for Sunday for a few days, which makes a new listing seem stale very quickly.

Tuesday comes in at second-place

If listing your home on Friday isn’t feasible, Tuesday is the second-best day to list a home. Buyers who like to plan ahead will see a Tuesday listing and add it to their to-do list. Tuesday listings attract the most home tours of any day, but not the highest asking price.

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