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Metro Denver Homes for Sale in Bidding War

Denver Homes For SaleWhen Denver residential real estate gets so wild as to make the news, you know we’re in for an interesting spring with metro Denver homes for sale. This CBS Denver news report of March, 28, 2013, focuses on the bidding war for Southeast Denver homes: “One home was on the market for just two days, another was for sale by owner, and just one more with a price reduction. [Reporter] Brooks met an agent and potential home buyer. The concern is prices are going up, but are they too high?”

Real estate expert Jack O’Connor said that the higher prices merely reflect greater demand, and that home prices would continue to increase by 3 to 4 percent throughout the remainder of 2013. The article also referenced the S&P /Case-Shiller Denver Home Price Index here, updated March 26 to stand at 134.17. This ABC News brief explains the number this way: “[L]ocal home resale prices averaged 34.14 percent higher than they were in the benchmark month of January 2000. The last time Denver topped that price level was in October 2007, when the Case-Shiller index stood at 136.09.”

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