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Denver Home Search: The Power of Curb Appeal

Denver Home SearchThe National Association of Realtors estimates that potential buyers make a purchase decision within two minutes of pulling up to a home for sale. That is how powerful curb appeal really is.

And your home must put it’s best impression forward not just in-person, but also at a distance now, because that first curb appeal often takes place not out in front of your home, but online at a potential buyer’s home, office or on their mobile device.

Of course, that also means that buyers can quickly compare how your home looks right alongside many others very easily…no driving required.

So how do you make a favorable and lasting impression quickly and strongly enough that those buyers want to make the effort to physically come and tour your home?

Take a few minutes to run through this little exercise: go down the block and then drive back to your house, set your mind to view your home as if it were the first time you’ve seen it.  What do you see and how does it make you feel?

  • Potential buyers will be looking for the address, so take note of your house number. Is it clearly visible and in good condition? If not, spruce it up or replace it–with larger numbers if necessary. Whether on your mailbox, the curb, the house itself or multiple locations, your house number is the first “welcome” buyers will notice as they drive up.
  • Once they know they’re looking at the correct home, they’ll take in the overall view. Can they clearly see the house or is it hidden by overgrown landscaping? We are so accustomed to our bushes and trees that we sometimes don’t realize how large and unappealing they may have become over the years. Simple trimming, thinning or removal can go a long way toward a revitalized appearance.
  • The home itself must also present as clean and neat. Again, we can become unaware of dirt and cobwebs around the entrance or debris and unsightly items in view. Power-wash or paint if necessary – freshly-painted front and garage doors work wonders. If your home features a front porch, put a little effort into making it an inviting space, with seating if possible. Anecdotes and studies show that when touring homes for sale, buyers are more likely to remember those that feature yellow flowers, so whether potted or planted, a few yellow flowers around the front entrance and throughout flower beds or window boxes are a great addition.

The list goes on, but basically, you want to ensure that your first impression encourages buyers to come by and stay a while. You want them to feel welcome, relaxed and that everything is well-maintained and in good repair–that it will be worth their time and effort to tour your home inside as well.

Once you’ve gotten that curb appeal looking its best, you’re ready to have your realtor or another professional take a few good photos that will present well online. Be sure those yellow flowers show a nice pop of color and get ready for those buyers to stop by.

Of course you’ll also want to properly prepare the interior of your home and the rest of your outdoor space as well. Click here for more of our “Seller Tips” and contact us with any questions or concerns you have about how to most effectively reach buyers conducting a Denver home search.