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Metro Denver Real Estate–A Great Place to Be in March

Metro Denver Real EstateAt Buy and Sell Denver Homes, we are always ready to streamline your search for a new home in the metro Denver area.  But we understand that some out there might be thinking “Hmm, is Denver really where I want to be?”  For us, the answer is a simple “Um, yeah, because it’s awesome!” but we understand that some of you might want a little more.  For that, we’ve got some info on Denver events in March to entice you into this fine metro area of ours.

Perhaps the biggest event of March for the Denver metro area is the one for which we are most proud: The Denver March Powwow.  Taking place between March 22-24th at the Denver Coliseum, this will be its 38th year, and it is one of the largest gatherings of Native Americans in the nation.  Featuring over 1,600 dancers from nearly 100 tribes from over 40 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, the three-day festival attracts over 60,000 visitors each year.  Dancing competitions, a wide array of Native American food and art (including scores of drum groups), and a chance to immerse one’s self into an amazing culture filled with color, history and beauty; it’s one of the reasons why we’re glad we live here in the Denver metro area, and why we love helping others come here.

But something else we really enjoy is the “melting pot” aspect of Denver.  While the end of the month sees us celebrate the cultures of the Native Americans, the middle of the month has us all becoming Irish for a day.  While St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Denver date back as far as 1889, this modern incarnation started in 1963, and has been a fine tradition ever since.  In 2013, the parade will start on 10 a.m. on March 16th, heading down Blake Street between 27th and 17th streets, then heading over towards Union Station, before heading back up to finish in the Coors Field parking lots.  This is really quite the event that always draws in big crowds; indeed, some families have apparently be staking claims on their viewing spots for 20 years now.

Of course, since we’re all about home sales, we have to mention the Denver Home Show the weekend of March 15th-17th at the National Western Complex.  Because once you’ve found a great home thanks to Buy and Sell Denver Homes, you’re going to want to see the latest and greatest ideas for home improvement.  Just make sure that you think twice before you let the St. Patrick’s Day Parade go to your head and decide to paint your entire home emerald green.

The metro Denver real estate market is on the rise, and frankly this is a great place to live.  To begin your journey to home ownership in our fine community, all you have to do is contact us.