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Your Denver Home Search in One of America’s Best Cities

Denver Home Search

If you’re in the midst of a Denver home search, it will probably come as no surprise that the Mile High City was ranked #6 in this year’s list of America’s 50 Best Cities.

The 100 largest U.S. cities were evaluated using the following criteria: Leisure attributes, education, economic factors, crime, and air quality.

According to this article, leisure was a significant piece of the equation, so naturally Denver would rank high on the list. The city certainly offers a wide variety of recreational options. Besides an active nightlife scene, restaurants galore, and several professional sports teams, there are libraries, museums, and plenty of parks and trails for any kind of outdoor activity. Additionally, in the winter, Denver offers easy access to a number of ski resorts.

As the article points out, Denver has:

6 Pro sports teams

10 Park acres per 1,000 residents

13 Colleges

33 Museums

39 Libraries

207 Bars

1,741 Restaurants

However, Denver’s appeal goes beyond mere numbers. It’s hard to put a numerical value on sunshine, for instance, and insert that into an equation. And there are so many other factors, like the friendliness of the people, the charm of individual neighborhoods, and the way you can figure out which direction you’re headed by looking up at the snow-capped mountains.

While each neighborhood, part of town, and suburb has its own unique flavor, it’s hard to go wrong in the Denver metro area. Making the city even more attractive is a healthy real estate market that has stayed relatively steady even during the economic downturn. Denver is a great place to buy a home with confidence because it is such an appealing place to live.

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