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Now is a Great Time to Start Your Denver Home Search

Denver Home SearchIf you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should start your Metro Denver home search now, rather than waiting until spring, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Why? Rising prices are on the horizon, so the earlier you begin searching, the better your odds for finding that perfect property before the cost heads up.

Start Your Denver Home Search Now

Statistics indicate that the median sales price for Denver area homes from Sept 12-Nov 12, 2012 were 22.2% higher than the same time period in 2011 and, which publishes forecasts for the trend in home prices in 380 Metropolitan areas, including Denver, estimates an 83% probability for home prices in Denver to rise by 3rd Quarter 2013.

Additionally, as potential buyers emerge from winter hibernation and activity increases in the spring, the chances rise for finding yourself in a situation where there are competing offers for the best properties , decreasing the likelihood of being able to successfully negotiate for better price or terms. Positioning yourself as the proverbial Early Bird is a very wise move when expecting an upswing in the real estate market.

Agent J. David Lampe, REALTOR® — your Buy and Sell Denver Homes — is available to help you start your Denver home search now, offering personal attention and advanced technological tools to make your home buying experience easy and rewarding. Whether you prefer to have him conduct a traditional Denver MLS search on your behalf or would like to use our online MLS search feature directly; if you want to receive personal calls or daily emails with information on the latest listings–or any combination of search techniques–J. David will be there to assist you in whatever manner you prefer, from initial contact to move-in-day.

J. David will help determine what type of home, neighborhood and price range is right for you. He’ll fully explain and pr epare any necessary forms and negotiate on your behalf.

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