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Denver Real Estate Search: Consider Infill Neighborhoods

Denver Real Estate SearchHave you heard about “infill development”?

Infill development is the latest in home and real estate development. It is a style of development that works in spaces that may have previously been ignored, or works in spaces that are being re-purposed for home construction. Think empty areas between commercial developments, old parking lots and areas where new commercial business has sprung up.

These developments might be newer areas for home buyers in the midst of their Denver real estate search may consider.

One example of a successful infill development is Coal Creek Village. These homes sit near the Exempla Medical Center, and are drawing families to the area along the Boulder Turnpike.

Here is what one new Colorado home owner had to say about his decision in the Denver Post:

One of those contracts was signed by Andy Dooley, who travels around the nation giving “vibration activation” workshops, relocating here from Orlando. “I could be making a huge mistake,” he said, “but Florida doesn’t have the energy. People around Boulder are healthy and fit, environmentally conscious, just with it.” He came close to buying a two-decade-old home in Boulder proper, before discovering reasonably priced Lafayette. “It felt good,” he added. “It’s back from the Continental Divide; coming from Florida, that view is amazing.”

Infill development is not just for places like the expanding U.S. Highway 36. It is also happening in downtown Denver, bringing more opportunities to the metro.

This map shows where infill development has been happening. One good example is the City Park West District. It is a neighborhood that has both single family homes and small apartments, and it also the home of a large hospital. Infill development has helped to fill in spaces in this neighborhood so that many more families can enjoy it’s proximity to the heart of Denver as well as the Denver Zoo and other cultural attractions.

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