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New Trends in Home Real Estate Denver

Home Real Estate DenverHome buyers are always looking for the latest and greatest. Whether it is first time buyers or experienced home owners who are ready for a change, no one wants a home that feels too outdated. As new real estate and homes are being built in Denver and older homes are updated, many buyers and seller are curious about new trends. What is the must have feature that might make a difference?

While there is always some variation, there are a few new trends to keep an eye on in home real estate Denver.

People want energy efficient homes. One of the biggest trends, especially among new construction, are homes are made to be energy efficient. As our energy needs and resources change, home owners want to feel secure knowing that their home is prepared for a variety of changes we may see in the future. Denver is already a city recognized by Energy Star for our work towards a sustainable future, and home owners want to be a part of that.

Well designed and open planned houses are gaining in popularity. One consequence of a recession is that families have been sharing homes and living in smaller spaces while saving money. Many families are no longer looking for the biggest house then can get, instead opting for spaces that are well designed and allow a family to be near each other while at home and preferring open plans that make the house seem big, without actually being larger.

As washing machines have become more sophisticated and quiet, families look to move them out of the basement. If you’re washer can run quietly, families are now opting to keep laundry areas on higher floors, closer to bedrooms. No one wants to lug those heavy basket up and down stairs for little benefit!

We always love to hear from home buyers and sellers! You can contact your home real estate Denver expert if you’re interested in buying or selling your property, or just to let us know about the trends you’ve been seeing!

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