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What Kind Of Sink Are You?

Guest Post By Michelle Hille @

Kitchen sinks, appearance wise, have been one of the few things in a house that have seemed to change very little over the years.  For the most part, the major adjustments have been primarily cosmetic. After all, if a 1940’s housewife traveled through time and landed in a modern kitchen, she would probably have trouble working a microwave or other modern gadgets, but the sink- no problem! So how different is a modern sink from the kitchen sink of the 1940s?

  1. Design. For the most part, sinks do look the same, but there have been minor changes. It’s becoming much more common for people to order chef faucets, which have the high-arching neck. You’ll find that the sink itself is much deeper and allows for better ease of washing dishes without water splashing everywhere. Even if you’re not Paula Deen or Bobby Flay, you can still enjoy the look of a cool sink.
  2. Water Efficient. Many kitchen faucets of today have the capability of saving 30% more water than traditional kitchen faucets. Companies like Delta and Moen have worked hard to develop a line of faucets that will help conserve water and lower your water bill.
  3. Lead-free. Having lead in your home is a scary thing, especially for new families with babies and toddlers in the house. American Standard is one of many companies that have developed a kitchen faucet that has a mere 0.25% lead content in their faucets. This is significantly lower than other makers and provides safe-drinking water for all.

Kitchen sinks and faucets have changed subtly over the years and it’s up to you to find the one that best fits your home and kitchen. Looking at the different designs, colors, and benefits of each sink, or faucet will be a guiding factor of what you will choose for your new home. Whether you’re building, buying, selling, or investing, kitchen sinks are definitely a factor to think about. As you consider what kind of sink you’d like in your new home, be sure to consult David Lampe for all of your real estate needs.