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Storage Tips To Help You Get Your Denver Home Sold

Guest post written by Joseph Ver with SpareFoot Storage

With planning to move, paperwork, and looking for a new house among many other things, selling your house can be a big hassle. Thankfully, there are ways you can make selling your house a little easier by using a storage unit. People tend to forget how useful a storage unit can be when selling your house, so here are some tips for utilizing a storage unit:

-A very important part of selling your home is staging. This can be anything as simple as keeping the grass trimmed to totally rearranging certain rooms in your house. First of all, you should declutter your home of anything that takes up too much space. Keep in mind that when people are going touring your house, they are picturing their new life in your new house. Open up your living room by removing a few pieces of furniture. If a room seems cramped, the people touring your house may imagine the entire house feeling cramped. Store items in a storage unit to open it up and clean up your space. Depending on how you’ve kept your place, it may be a simple task to a long project.

-Make sure you think about the size of your storage unit. You wouldn’t want to rent a 10’ x 15’ unit when you only have a few pieces of furniture to stow away. Rent a 5’ x 5’ for storing a few things or rent a 10’ x 15’ if you want a storage unit the size of a one car garage. Make sure you know what you want to store and save a little extra room in case you need to store more things.

-Do you have a few temperature sensitive items? Invest in a climate controlled storage unit. If you place something delicate, like an instrument, in a hot storage unit, you can expect to see some new and strange shapes. Be proactive and asses the necessity for a climate controlled storage unit. Rent a climate controlled unit because you need one.

-Need help finding a storage unit? Use SpareFoot to find a storage facility near you. By using SpareFoot, you can compare prices and locations to find the best unit for your needs. Sometimes, you’ll need 24 hour access to your storage unit and SpareFoot can help filter facilities to better suit your needs.

Every little thing helps when you are trying to sell your house. Do you have any other suggestions for people on their next move? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

Joseph Ver is an intern at SpareFoot. He is a double major in Digital Media Management and Marketing at Saint Edward’s University. His hobbies include cooking, exploring the city of Austin, and finding good places to eat. Searching for a storage unit is very easy with SpareFoot. With SpareFoot, you can compare prices and locations to help you with your next move. You may contact Joseph or Sparefoot Storage at 1-877-687-9771.