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Speaking To Generate Business

How To Generate Business Through Public Speaking

Metro Denver Real Estate SpeakerI have found a way to generate real estate business through public speaking. You can learn to generate business by using this strategy too. This strategy works no matter what business you are in, not just for real estate brokers and REALTORS®.

A few years ago there was a man who was terrified of public speaking and wasn’t very good at it either. He avoided public speaking as much as possible. When he did have to get up in front of a group and speak, his heart would race and he would feel like he wasn’t going to be able to speak at all.

He had heard about Toastmasters but was afraid to even visit because he might have to speak. He finally worked up the courage to visit Pioneer Toastmasters in Lakewood, Colorado on a snowy night in February 2008. He almost didn’t go because of the snow but decided it was time to face his fears. So, he went ahead and drove through the snowstorm to the meeting. The club members greeted him warmly on the cold night. He enjoyed the meeting and heard people speak with confidence. He decided to join. Soon, he was scheduled to give his Ice Breaker speech. He worked hard to write a speech he hoped would be interesting. He practiced it many times before the big night. Finally the day arrived to give his Ice Breaker. He arrived with his speech written word for word. He was nervous and his heart was racing, but he was able to get up and deliver his speech. He even made eye contact a few times, despite reading from his notes.

That man was me.

I have had a great time in Toastmasters over the past four years. I have given over 30 speeches in Toastmasters and have greatly improved my public speaking skills.

Last year, I decided it was time to face my fears again and seek speaking opportunities outside of Toastmasters. I attended a seminar called How to Speak for Fun and Profit given by Joe Sabah. Each attendee receives a database of program chairpersons for service clubs throughout Colorado including Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimist clubs. I learned how to book speaking engagements at these service clubs.

I wrote a speech titled How to Network with Confidence and a Giving Attitude and set out to book my own speaking engagements. I’ve been fortunate to speak to a wide variety of clubs. I tell stories about how networking helps me grow my real estate business. Speaking at service clubs is an outstanding networking opportunity. I get to meet many different types of people. These contacts often lead to a working relationship.

I have also met several people interested in using me as their REALTOR®. In real estate, as with any business, developing close relationships with many people is important to be successful. Speaking at service clubs allows me to continually meet people and connect with them in person. I am then able to connect with them on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter which helps me to grow my Denver real estate business.

I am now generating business and making money from public speaking! Before joining Toastmasters, I would never have considered seeking out public speaking opportunities. Thank you to all the wonderful Toastmasters members who have helped me on my journey!

Get Started

If you are not comfortable with public speaking or feel that you could improve your public speaking skills, join Toastmasters. Find a Toastmasters club near you and go visit. We love to have visitors at our Toastmasters meetings. Find a club that is convenient for you and where you feel comfortable and then join. Toastmasters is the best place to practice your public speaking before booking speaking engagements.

Learn More

Attend Joe Sabah’s excellent seminar, How to Speak for Fun and Profit
Sign up at (tell him David Lampe sent you)

What you will learn –

  • How to book speaking engagements
  • How to create speech titles
  • Many more tips on how to take your speaking to the next level

What you will get –

  • A database of over 390 program chairs who are looking for speakers every week. This database contains phone numbers and email addresses which makes it easy to book speaking engagements.

 Write a Speech

It’s best not to speak about yourself or your business as this can be seen as self-promotion, which the service clubs do not like. The service clubs want to hear speeches on subjects that will be of benefit to their members. Popular speech subjects are anything that can help their members reach their personal goals. Business related subjects such as my networking talk are popular as are inspirational speeches about people who have overcome some kind of hardship. You don’t have to speak about yourself or your business to generate business with this strategy. You are there to meet people and network with them, you are not trying to sell anything to the audience.

How to Book Speaking Engagements

The best way I’ve found to book speaking engagements with service clubs is via email. Attend Joe Sabah’s seminar and get his database. You can then email each of the service clubs a slightly customized email. State how your talk will benefit their members and how it relates to their motto or mission. For example, the Rotary motto is “Service Above Self” so mention how your talk relates to their motto.

I’m currently offering two talks:

Speaking To Generate Business

How to Network with Confidence and a Giving Attitude

Are you a member of an organization or service club that would be interested in hearing one of my talks? Would you like to get together for coffee or lunch? Do you have questions on how to get started with Speaking To Generate Business?

Contact Me – I’m happy to help you get started with Speaking To Generate Business

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